About us

Callisto (Kallisto in the Greek) was an Arcadian nymph, whose name literally means “most beautiful."

The Kalista Advantage

One of our core beliefs is the philosophy that beauty should be accessible to all - from indie fan favorites to timeless classic luxury brands - we strive to bring you the best from our meticulously curated selection for all of your needs.We are continuously updating our pricing to be affordable without ever compromising on the quality that you've come to trust. We achieve the best in pricing by leveraging an unrivaled sourcing network, cutting edge logistical & technological advances as well as a commitment to sustainable eco-friendly practices.

We are confident in our ability to provide you the best value.

Our Global Prowess

Our vast sourcing network from countries and major cities around the world allows us to get priority access to the products you love. With each and every item subject to strict quality control standards as well as an added emphasis on the utmost carefully handling and storage of them - you can be assured you are getting the absolute best quality, service and value from Belle Kalista Beauty.